Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cooking with Greek Yogurt

Its a new year, its almost spring and its time to kick my booty in to gear and get fit to wear a bikini this summer! Aside from the thousands...scratch that millions of lunges and sit ups I need to do in the coming months I am also looking for some new healthy and delicious recipes as well as some substitutions to cut down on the calories in some of my favorite recipes found here As you know many of the recipes I feature on the blog have butter, cream and oil as key ingredients (yikes!) but recently I  started cooking with Chobani Greek Yogurt and I love it! I found this handy conversion chart and I thought I would share it with you guys! Please send me any healthy and delicious recipes you think we should feature!

Chobani is just one of the many Greek yogurt brands you see popping up at your local supermarket. It just happens to be my favorite but you could use the above conversion chart for most other greek yogurts as well. If you are not yet familiar with the health benefits of Greek Yogurt vs. low fat regular yogurts there are many.  Greek Yogurts contains almost double the amount of protein found in regular low fat yogurt, with half the sugar and the same or less calories. It also has a wonderful thick consistency and fills you up big time! The yogurt is not overly sweet and so if you prefer a sweeter yogurt or plan to use it in smoothies or even frozen pops, honey or stevia is a great natural sweetener to try!
Enjoy without guilt!

Important: When adding Chobani to a hot soup or sauce, add Chobani at the end of the cooking process and remove pan from the heat. 

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