This is Abby, our 3 year old Mini Poodle. You can usually find her hanging out below my feet in the kitchen or lounging on the couch as she was in this picture. We like to call her our little garbage disposal. Any time food accidentally drops on the floor while I'm cooking you can be sure that no crumb goes untouched if Abby's around. We love her so much that we decided to dedicate a page just for her. I posted the first recipe which is Abby's favorite Cheddar Dog Biscuits below. Last night Abby turned 3 so of course we made her a tasty doggy Birthday Cake which I will post to the blog very soon! Thanks everybody for viewing and thanks to Abby for  being a part of our family!

Here's a pic of Abby and her Daddy. Notice the little pot belly Abby has going :) We took her in for a check up last week and it turns out that Mom's home cooking has caused Abby to gain 2lbs! May not sound like much to us humans but for a dog that only weighed 12lbs a gain of 2 is quite substantial. Needless to say, Abby has gone on a diet and isn't too happy about it! Update 3/23/2011 Thanks to extra long walks around the lake and puppy calisthenics (kidding sort of) Abby dropped both pounds and has her hour glass figure back!

Check out our latest addition, Charlie. He's a Cavapoo about 4 months old and Abby's new best friend, she just doesn't know it yet ;) You see Abby has had the run of the household as top and only dog now for quite some time and she didnt take kindly to a fur ball of the minature variety staking a paw in her territory. Alas its been about 4 weeks now and when Abby doesnt think were looking we catch her stealing a snuggle with her new pal.

Heres one of the 20 Christmas pictures we took in this chair that actually turned out. Look at Abby pretending to like her little brother...awww. This pose lasted all of 10 seconds until Charlie probably bit Abby on the butt and Abby jumped off the chair to pout.

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