Monday, April 25, 2011

A Crispy Twist on the Easter Egg

Recipe courtesy of The Lovely Bev Pennington

Thank you Bev, these treats are adorable!

3 TBS of butter
1 10oz bag of marshmallows
6 cups of Rice Crispy Cereal


Melt the butter in a medium/large pot (you will need two for this) on low heat. Add the marshmallows and make sure all are coated with butter. Transfer half the marshmallows into another pot and keep both on low heat until the marshmallow/butter mixture is completely melted.
Then add in your food coloring of choice. I did a separate color in each pot. If you only want one color, you won’t have to separate the marshmallows.
Next, add 3 cups of Rice Krispies to each pot and stir until well mixed. Remove from heat.
For the next step, you’ll probably need to butter up your hands. Fill the plastic egg molds with the Rice Krispie Treat mixture and close the eggs. Once all of the eggs are filled, place them in the fridge for about 30 minutes so they can harden into their egg shapes. Once they are done, you can take them out of their eggs and voila!
At this point you can choose to add candy to the outside of the egg. I used Skittles for mine, but Rice Krispies Treats act as a nice mold and you can do just about anything to them.
I found these WAY more fun than the usual dyed eggs. If you wanted to get really creative you could try putting one color in half of the egg mold and another color in the other half. I actually made two batches so I could do four different colors. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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